USPC Services

USPC offers a full range of energy sector (power and fuels) engineering and consulting services to its clients... read more

USPC also offers a global perspective in procurement support to locate low-cost or pre-owned utility equipment to fit tight budgets for power projects.

USPC Experience

In the power sector, USPC expertise covers the full spectrum of technical areas (generation, transmission, distribution, utilization, renewables, clean fuels and environmental control), as well as support in equipment procurement, evaluation of bids, contracting and a range of institutional issues to enhance operations and management of energy companies... read more

USPC People

USPC is staffed with Senior Consultants that have individually accumulated over 20 years of experience in the US electric and gas utility sectors and/or 10 or more years of experience in the power and energy sector of some 30 countries in various parts of the world... read more

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USPC Project Management & Advisory Services forGovernments

Success Stories:

USPC Support for Power Sector Loans & Grant Funds

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